Parent & Student FAQs

Welcome to Casis Elementary School! We are glad you’re here! Below are many questions that new parents have when they first start at Casis. Can’t find the answer? Check out the Contact page for people who can help!

How do I get information about what’s going on at school?

The Casis Weekly, is the campus newsletter which is posted on the homepage under the campus news section and more news items. Additionally, you can learn about how to get information about everything happening on the Communications page.

Casis Elementary Main Office: 512-414-2062 (you may also leave a message and we will return your call.)

Safety & Security FAQ

You can find the bus route, and stops by using the bus stop finder utility. Learn about safety tips, special needs route services, guidelines for student conduct, and the how to install the Bus App on the AISD Transportation page.
Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children. Parents are not allowed to bring food that is meant to be shared with other students or whole classes. All visitors must sign in through the office and obtain a photo ID badge prior to going to the cafeteria. Parents may wait in designated areas outside of the cafeteria until their child’s scheduled lunch time.
We encourage parents and others to visit Casis and to participate in their children’s learning. We value parent engagement and always want visitors to feel welcome. In order to protect the security of District students and staff, the learning environment and students’ privacy rights, follow the general security guidelines to keep students and staff safe, as well as to minimize interruptions to instruction time. Visit AISD's Emergency Management to learn about districtwide safety protocols.

Scheduling & Calendar FAQ

Monday Aug 14, 2023. The AISD calendars are on the district site.
Typically student schedules are posted in BLEND the day before school, but some students may not have classes assigned by the first day. 
The meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. Meetings are announced in the principal’s newsletter and minutes are posted in the main entrance area of the school. Visit the CAC page for more information.

If your child has an appointment or other excusable reason why they are not with their class at the time attendance is taken at 9:45am, documentation of that must be submitted to Registrar Mary Hernandez within 7 days in order for the absence to be excused. Visit the Casis Attendance page for detailed answers.

For more information about AISD's attendance policy see district attendance policy


The lunch schedule can be found on the Lunch Schedule page. Please note that all campus visitors will be required to provide an acceptable form of ID at the front office before joining their child for lunch. We recommend arriving a few minutes early to do so as the lunch time tends to get pretty busy! Before visiting your child for lunch, please review our Campus Visitor Protocols.
You can find the lunch menu at the AISD Nutrition and Food Services page and you can either fund your child’s account by bringing cash to the cafeteria or by providing funds electronically at You need to set up an account and ask your child’s teacher what your student ID is before enrolling.
Daily after-school care is offered from 3:00pm until 6:30pm. Some after school programs are sessional and timeframes are listed on the overview page, or by navigating directly to the partners website. See the Programs section of the website for listings.

Supplies & Technology FAQ

CONFIRM WITH WEB AUTHOR CONTACT - Speak privately with the librarians about needs.
School supply lists are posted on our School Supplies page, and notifications sent through the Casis Weekly Newsletter.
No. A basic: t-shirt, bottoms and sneakers that don’t impede movement is good enough. After school programs may have a more specific dress code that your student will be informed about.
There are water fountains and refilling stations around campus, so bring a reusable water bottle.
Yes. Students have their picture taken on picture day (whenever that is) and that will be used as their ID. If they miss one/need a replacement, they will be able to get one from the library. 

There will probably be a tech day before school starts for issuing a Chromebook to new students (watch for announcements).  Visit the AISD Technology Help page for instructions and resources.

AISD Parent Technology Help Line is 512-414-9187 or you may submit a Parent Support Form

AISD Student Technology Help Line is 512-414-4357 or you may submit a Student Support Form

Student Support Contact

Guidance Counselor: Visit the Counseling  for contact information and services

School Nurse: Visit the Health Office page for contact information and forms

You will find daily and seasonal programs available offered from partners and teachers on the following pages: Outdoor Learning Opportunities, After School Programs, PTA supported C3 – Casis Commuter Club, Chess Club, Casis Times and the Casis Forest Club. 
Join the PTA or volunteer at the school. We always need helping hands! All volunteers must complete the Austin Partners in Education (APIE) process for volunteer certification to be eligible to volunteer on campus and/or chaperone field trips. Please read our Campus Visitors and Volunteers Protocols page.
Project HELP’s mission is to ensure the educational rights and protections due under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act to all students experiencing homelessness. For more information, please visit the Project HELP website or contact the Casis Elementary office at 512-414-2062. Visit our homeless assistance page for the Project Help Resource Guide.

Casis relies on parent donations to fund many academic enrichment programs, including Spanish and technology. We encourage all families donate to the Annual Student Enrichment Fee in the fall to help fund these important programs for our children. Additional fundraisers include the Casis Carnival, a fun event for families, and Celebrate Casis, a parent event, in the Spring. See the PTA's online payment options under the Support Casis tab for more information. Thank you for your commitment to make our school a great place for our children to learn and grow!