Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Printable instructions (PDF)


  • Circle Drive Drop-Off is for ECSE, PreK, Kinder, 1st, 2nd& Older Siblings. (Before 7:30a.m., all unattended students will be directed to the cafeteria)
  • North Parking Lot Drop-Off is for 3rd - 5th
    • All vehicles will enter at the North Parking Lot (See Map)
    • All vehicles will follow traffic flow around parking lot
    • Students will unload at #1-4 Drop-Off No cars should unload before the #1-4 spots.
    • All vehicles will exit to the RIGHT ONLY
    • Families and Students walking up from Northwood Street stairs should use the parking lot crosswalks at all
    • Families and Students entering the campus from the North Parking Lot should follow the covered canopy to the Cafeteria (before 7:30a.m.) or to their Classrooms (after 7:30a.m.).
    • Bike Riders using the Front Entrance Bike Racks should still enter the campus through the Front Courtyard Gates, not the main entrance.


  • Busses will load up at 3:00p.m.
  • Dismissal time for PK - 2 & Older Siblings is 3:00p.m.
    • Walkers & Bike Riders will be dismissed to the front of the school (Area in between the Front Entrance, Side Patio, & Flagpole Areas). Note: Bike Riders who use the Hillview Playground bike racks may take an alternate route and exit from the far South White
    • Circle Drive Car Riders will be dismissed from the Front Students will be dismissed from both covered stair well areas, according to their grades. Older siblings should go to the younger sibling area.
  • 3rd - 5th Grade dismissal time is at 3:10p.m.
  • All vehicles will enter at the new parking lot (Line-up from Northwood Street).
  • All vehicles will follow traffic flow around parking lot, as
  • Student 1-4 Pick-Up No cars will be loaded before the #1-4 spots.
  • All vehicles will exit to the RIGHT

General Guidance

  • All vehicles should have your child(ren)'s name largely printed and visible on a piece of paper in your passenger side
  • All vehicles should not park or stop on or near the crosswalks in Circle Drive or in the North Parking
  • All vehicles should remain in a single file line and pull all the way forward to designated
  • Drivers should stay in your vehicle to drop-off or pick-up
  • Students should exit and enter vehicles on the passenger side back door for safety.


  • Hillview is not designated for vehicle drop-off/pick-
  • Hillview pathway will be accessible in the mornings ONLY!
  • Bikers should NOT use bike racks at the bottom of


  • All Staff will park in the North Parking
  • Hillview & Front Circle Drive will be available for Parent/Visitor Parking.