Nutrition & Food Services

Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children. Parents are not allowed to bring food that is meant to be shared with other students or whole classes. All visitors must sign in through the office and obtain a photo ID badge prior to going to the cafeteria. Parents may wait in designated areas outside of the cafeteria until their child’s scheduled lunch time.


 AISD lunch menus are designed to meet federal guidelines set forth by the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 which are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Servings of legumes, dark green vegetables and red or orange vegetables are available for all students weekly. All lunches include an entrée, a whole grain item, two servings of vegetables, at least one serving of fruit and low fat or skim milk. Students may select all five components or at least three components including a serving of vegetable or fruit. Meals are priced as a unit; however, each item is available a la carte.

Daily Menus Available Through SchoolCafé

  • View breakfast, lunch, and after-school menus, as well as allergens and nutritional information at, or download the SchoolCafé mobile app on Apple or Android devices.
  • AISD menus are subject to change due to nationwide supply chain issues and food service worker shortages.

For additional information contact AISD Dietitian Rachel Dunn at or at 512-414-0250.

Cafeteria Service

Both breakfast and lunch can be obtained at school. The school cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:15am until 7:35am each morning. Lunch is served from approximately 10:30am until 1:00pm, with each class having a total of 30 minutes for lunch.

Each student has a lunch account and is assigned a 4-digit cafeteria PIN. Parents may send cash to school via the teacher or can deliver cash directly to the cafeteria, or can pay online. Parents may designate whether children may use the money for milk only, meals, snacks, etc. If no preference is noted, children will be allowed to purchase any item in the line. When your account is getting low, the cafeteria staff will tell your child, notices will be sent home via the backpack, and/or on-line alert notices will occur. Once the account balance reaches zero, the student will be provided up to two more hot meals on credit. Due to the inability to receive reimbursement for more than two hot meals, the cafeteria will provide a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk until the account is caught up. Applications for free or reduced meals are available through the office.

Questions regarding Food Services may be directed to the Casis Cafeteria staff or the Food Services Central Office at 414-0251.