Welcome to the Casis Library!

About Ms. Ewing

She has been at Casis Elementary since 2007.

She taught second grade at Casis for 11 years.

She got her Masters in Library Science from Texas Woman's University in 2017.

She has been the librarian at Casis since 2018.

She was a finalist for AISD Librarian of the Year in 2022.

She loves to read and share stories. 

When she's not at school you can find her hiking or trying out new restaurants.


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Courtney Ewing, Librarian

(512) 414-2062



Student Checkout

Students in all classes are scheduled for bi-weekly library lessons and check out. Students are encouraged to self-select books based primarily on their interests and not by level, though teachers and Ms. Ewing work with students to guide them in their selection.


PreK: 2 books that are left in the classroom

Kindergarten: 1 book

1st-2nd Grade: up to 2 books

3rd Grade: up to 3 books

4th Grade: up to 4 books

5th Grade: up to 5 books


Students are trusted to learn and know how many books they can be responsible for keeping up with.

Books are checked out for 2 weeks. Students may renew a book if they need more time to finish. 

Students are not charged for overdue books. 

If books are lost or damaged, payment can be brought to the library to replace the book.


Mission & Vision

The mission of Austin ISD libraries is to nurture a life-long appreciation of reading and learning by assuring that students and staff have opportunities for successful access, evaluation and use of information, technology, and literature.


Librarians of Austin ISD believe that:

  • Collaboration between the library and school community promotes student achievement
  • Open access to library services and resources is essential
  • School libraries and librarians positively impact literacy and life-long learning
  • Libraries support intellectual freedom


  • Austin ISD libraries provide up-to-date, relevant, and appropriate resources which facilitate and extend learning and meet students’ individual reading needs.
  • Austin ISD librarians model and encourage life-long learning and literacy as a source of pleasure and power.
  • Austin ISD librarians work with the school community to promote student achievement.
Casis Library, Photo Courtesy of LPA Designs Studios

Casis Library Photo Courtesy of LPA Design Studios