The Casis Garden

The Story

The Casis Organic Garden began in 2006 with a dream to transform an unused strip of land on the edge of campus into a versatile new resource for students and teachers. In the spring of 2007, dozens of families gathered to build 40 4’x 8’ raised beds. The seed for our garden had been planted.
Since then, hundreds of students have nurtured and sampled more than four dozen different crops, some familiar and others exotic. The garden has grown to include an orchard, a “human sundial,” a pond, rainwater collection and an outdoor classroom that’s enveloped by grape vines. Local restaurants have used our produce and have been served as samples in the cafeteria. Students have organized on-campus farmer’s markets to raise money for local groups that fight hunger.
The garden is open daily for teachers to explore science, social studies, math, literature etc. Maintenance is done by volunteers, who are also available to help teachers and students. They also open the garden to all students each Friday during recess. Every week, more than 250 students visit the garden during that time. They come to plant, water, harvest and sample a huge variety of crops. And in the process they learn a great deal about the world around them.

Students love to watch the seeds they’ve planted grow from sprouts into a real harvest. Many have started gardens at home after experiencing the garden at school. And most will try – and enjoy - any fruit or vegetable they’ve had a hand in growing.

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The garden and orchard offer a chance to see science in action. Students nurture plants from seed to harvest, and take great joy in sampling what they’ve grown. The newly-planted orchard will grow with them through the years, providing another chance to observe and interact with the natural world. In addition to food crops, the students keep a butterfly garden that attracts pollinators to the garden.


Our outdoor classroom, designed pro-bono by Baldridge Architects, includes durable tables for students, storage for garden and teaching supplies, rainwater collection, shade and space for grapes and blackberries to grow. It was built with funds from the PTA, volunteer labor and donations from many other local companies, including Tarrytown Pharmacy, Michael Deane Homes, Eastside Lumber, Pilgrim Building and more.


Science comes to life at the “human sundial” and pond. The sundial marks the hours each day using shadows of children who visit to stand on its dial. The pond marks each season with a changing mix of wildlife and plants. It’s home to frogs, dragonflies, crawfish, minnows and many insects that live in the water. The pond also provides water for animals that visit, including raccoons and many species of birds.

The Casis Garden Wish List


The Casis garden is one of the most cost-effective programs at our school, operating on a budget of $2500. That’s less than three dollars per student. We always welcome donations that will help us accomplish more. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you feeling inspired by the garden? Would you love to help children learn more about nature, healthy food and the world around them? We’re always looking for volunteers, and we would love to have you join us in the garden. Our biggest need is on Fridays from 11:15 to 1:15, when 250-350 students visit the garden during recess. No experience is necessary! All you need is an AISD background check and interest in helping kids explore and learn in the garden.


To learn more, please contact: Michelle Nguyen

What do we Grow?

  • artichokes
  • arugula
  • beets
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • bok choy
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • canteloupe
  • carrots
  • cauliflower
  • chard
  • corn
  • cucumbers
  • daikon
  • edamame
  • eggplant
  • fennel
  • figs
  • flowers
  • garlic
  • gourds
  • grapes
  • green beans
  • herbs
  • kale
  • leeks
  • lettuce
  • okra
  • onions
  • pears
  • peppers
  • persimmons
  • pomegranates
  • potatoes
  • prickly pears
  • pumpkins
  • radishes
  • spinach
  • squash
  • strawberries
  • sunflowers
  • tangerines
  • tomatoes
  • turnips
  • watermelons
  • zucchini

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