Safety and Environment


The school conducts safety drills as a safety precaution, and each drill is treated as if it were an actual emergency situation. Although speed is important in any such procedure, of greater importance is the ability of students to follow teachers’ directions and proceed in an orderly manner. Instructions on how to respond in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a tornado, are posted inside each classroom. Teachers will provide directions to students in the event of any emergency.

Crisis Management

The school’s Crisis Management Team reviews guidelines for ensuring the safety of all children on our campus. There are developed procedures for managing crisis situations, such as fire, natural disasters, bomb threats, utility emergencies, and intrusion, as well as severe injury to or the death of a student, parent, or faculty member. These procedures are also consistent with AISD crisis management policy and guidelines.

Tobacco-Free Environment

The use of all tobacco products, by both students and adults, is prohibited.


AISD has its own licensed asbestos abatement department and is employing all the latest state- of-the-art measures in ensuring that the presence of asbestos building materials does not present an environmental hazard to the school population. Asbestos-containing building materials are surveyed every six months, and all maintenance personnel (custodians and AISD Service Center workers) have received the required training on safe working practices in areas where asbestos-containing materials are found.


Pest management in all schools is carried out by the Integrated Pest Management Department at the AISD Service Center. AISD’s method of pest control uses current information on the biology of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, coupled with current pest-control methods, is used to control pest damage economically and with the least-possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. All pest-management options are taken advantage of, including the judicious use of pesticides.

Periodic applications of pest-control agents are done on both a scheduled or as-needed basis.

Pets at School 

Please refrain from bringing pets on campus (unless pre-arranged with the teacher for classroom instruction), so that all students and adults feel comfortable and safe at school. Dogs are not allowed on campus (unattended or otherwise).


Casis Elementary participates in single-stream recycling and composts food scraps.