Casis Elementary began as a joint enterprise of the Austin Public Schools and the University of Texas. The school opened in 1951 with a regular school program, facilities and instruction for physically challenged children, and an observation and demonstration center for the general improvement of education in Texas. The school is named after Lelia May Casis (1869-1947) and Josephine Ramona Casis (1873- 1947). The Casis sisters were born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Lelia Casis was awarded a Master’s degree in Romance Languages from the University of Texas and became a full professor in 1916, the first woman to achieve that honor. When she died in 1947, she ended a brilliant 50- year teaching career at the University of Texas. Josephine Casis joined the Austin Public Schools staff in 1911. She taught in the primary grades at Palm School for 33 years until her retirement in 1944. Lelia and Josephine Casis bequeathed their entire estates to the University of Texas and the Austin Public Schools.

On November 7, 2017, Austin voters passed the AISD 2017 Bond to bring about 21st-century learning spaces in our district. As a result, Casis was slated to be fully modernized. Planning began in January 2019 with a projected construction timeline of May 2020 – August 2022. A Campus Architectural Team (CAT) of administration, staff, and parents represented the Casis Learning Community through the phases of design, construction, and opening. During this phased construction project, the whole school community remained on campus, as sections of the school were completed each year. The leadership and staff of Casis are excited about this new chapter of the school, but more importantly are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide an exemplary learning experience for all students. And we remain committed to continuing the legacy of learning and innovation at Casis Elementary, that began so many years ago. 

Facility Information

  • Year built (Original) 1951
  • Year built (Modernized) 2022
  • Permanent classrooms 40
  • Building Capacity 800